Environmental Development and Advancement of Novel Systems


Our Chief Engineer, Elliott Reitz has over 20 years experience in Systems Engineering, Management, Construction, and Leadership.  He has 9 issued patents in Neural Network applications and has led the development of many projects.  More creative concepts continue through this force for our common interests. 


Solutions are designed to address problems and opportunities. EDANS has a very wide experience in engineering. System Design - Systems are engineered from commercial parts to create the customer's needed capabilities. System, Hardware, and Software development and evaluation of specialized products to fit your application.

Public White Papers Of Interest to EDANS

·         EV Powerpacks - The deployment of electric cars be hastened by the standardization of their energy sources!

·         Powerpacks II - In pursuit of the perfect electric-drive power system, preferably in a neat little package.

·         Model Driven Design With MatlabMatlab based MBSD published to INCOSE Symposium.

·         Embracing Technology for Growth - Personal and business growth enabled by technology.

·         Buying Strategies For Computers - Keeping pace with technology.

·         Fault Prediction With Regression Models to predict faults in aircraft servo systems

·         Design For Safety – Toyota and the technology at hand

Emerging Technology and Outreach Interest to EDANS


·         Wind:  Simulation and modeling of propeller types vs tower force load (hobby patent pending)

·         Power Transfer Technology (hobby patents disclosed)

·         Greenhouse Efficiency:  See local TV News coverage of community engineering outreach.

·         Electric Vehicles:  Bicycle prototype(image) has 48V 1000W 18AH

·         Guitar – the Elliott Dean Power Guitar:  see Elliott’s video blog with the new Power Guitar, and off-beat blogs like The Best Guitar Ever Yet Built (amp-in-guitar project).

·         see photobucket and youtube channel for various project fun


Issued Patents by Our Engineers (rights assigned)

1.      7,313,267 Automatic encoding of a complex system architecture in a pattern recognition classifier

2.      7,305,122 Method and computer program product for identifying and correcting systematic noise in a pattern recognition system

3.      7,233,692 Method and computer program product for identifying output classes with multi-modal dispersion in feature space and incorporating multi-modal structure into a pattern recognition system

4.      7,181,062 Modular classification architecture for a pattern recognition application

5.      7,167,587 Sequential classifier for use in pattern recognition system

6.      7,164,791 Method and computer program product for identifying and incorporating new output classes in a pattern recognition system during system operation

7.      7,130,776 Method and computer program product for producing a pattern recognition training set

8.      7,113,636 Method and computer program product for generating training data for a new class in a pattern recognition classifier

9.      7,031,530 Compound classifier for pattern recognition applications

Patents Pending (published) by Our Engineers

1.      20040096107 Method and computer program product for determining an efficient feature set and an optimal threshold confidence value for a pattern recognition classifier

2.      20040042665 Method and computer program product for automatically establishing a classification system architecture

3.      20040042650 Binary Optical Neural Networks, classifiers for pattern recognition

4.      20100333182 – System and Method for Establishing a Self Realizing Expandable Communications Networks

5.      20100254812 – Wind Turbine With Variable Area Propeller Blades

Books and Political Action

·         Choose – Live Free Or Die

·         www.Drudge.com/user/reitze

Contact: info@EDANS.org

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